Hi, I'm Asim KT.

Hi there.

My name's Asim KT. I'm a front-end developer from Bangalore, India and Welcome to my site.

This site uses Phenomic - A static site generator and the code for this site is available at this GitHub repository

About me

I work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My current projects use ReactJS as the view-library. I like eating and cooking food, Malabar Chicken curry being my special item.

I'm a front-end developer at Quintype Inc where I create web-applications for different digital publishers like TheQuint and BloombergQuint.

In my free time, I created things like:

  • Zpeed: A Progressive Web App (PWA) for seeing your real-time speed in km/h. Sure to check this out when you go cycling next time.
  • Image Baker: A tool for Android & iOS devs to create their assets in all sizes needed.
  • Heic converter: A tool to convert the new iPhone Heic format to Jpeg.

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